Site with Exercises

Using exercise and physical therapy for recovery from the effects of MS, and for maintaining physical function.

Site with Exercises

Postby ikulo » Mon Feb 14, 2011 1:49 am

I've been looking for a good site with low intensity exercises to regain some functionality in various parts of my body. So far this seems to be the best one. You can search by body parts, intensity, and types of movement.

Does anyone else have similar resources they'd like to share? Any new ideas are welcome.
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Exercise with PPMS

Postby sandrab » Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:53 am

I have been diagnosed with ppms. For several years I used "Walk Away the Pounds" tapes or CDs for evercising. It is mostly walking, I used to do it regulary until I fell while exercising. Not to be detered I started holding on to the bar in my kitchen. It's not as effective holding on to the bar but I still get a good walk in. A lot of people don't understand the Walk Away to Pounds; walking in front of your television, but it has really worked for me. I lost 30 lbs when I first started. I have been exercising this way. My PCP set me up with PT, and all the exercises he has me doing are on the stuff the Leslie Sansone has me do on the Walk Away the Pounds cds.

That is what I do for exercising.

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Postby Brainteaser » Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:23 am

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