Will the last ms researcher turn out the lights

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Why wait on the drug companies for a solution?

Postby SammyJo » Mon Apr 11, 2005 9:30 am

Anyone with MS should try Low Dose Naltrexone while they are waiting for the drug companies to get something out of their pipeline maybe in the next decade that actually works. Naltrexone is already FDA approved. At 4.5 mg there are no side effects. All you need is a prescription at $20 a month. Sorry, this one won't help your biotech portfolio, but it just might get you out of a wheelchair or off your cane like it did me.

A hypothesis by an MD/PhD has been published. The first clinical trial for MS is underway in Germany, the Dr is coming to NYC in June to the LDN conference to present his results. I will be on the users panel, and will report back to the boards on the conference.

I've been on it 14 months now. When I started I was getting approved for a motorized wheelchair, after a year on a cane and rapid deterioration into SPMS. Copaxone, Avonex and a year of chemo did nothing to help, MS worse and I lost 10 points of heart function. I've had no flares, no setbacks, no fatigue, no heat stress since I started LDN. Only steady progress at recovering lost muscles thru physical therapy. I can now walk 1/3 mile in 12 min, getting farther/faster every week, and my stride is nearing normal. On the go all day, very active volunteer for my local MS support group.

The survey of 267 LDN users I did reported a very low relapse rate 0f 0.2 or 1 in 5 yrs, and 76% found symptom improvement. Just finished another survey measuring change in Disability score -the average was getting out of a wheelchair and walking with a cane. I went from 7.0 back to 4.0 over the past year. Details at http://LDNers.org and you can see a picture of me doing my 1/3 mile thru the spring tulip fields.

I am telling you about this because it makes me sick to think of you suffering like I did for so long when there is such a simple solution that works for so many, that can put MS on hold, while we wait for the final cure.

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Postby Rita » Mon Apr 11, 2005 12:25 pm

What about the black holes in the brain, are they dismissing with LDN too? For me this is the most important problem in MS.
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