What's Your Fear?

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Postby L » Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:00 pm

011201104 wrote:Counseling my be a great option. We are in North Dakota. Any suggestions?

Oh no, sorry. I'm in the United Kingdom..
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Postby Loobie » Tue Feb 16, 2010 7:17 am

011201104 wrote:Because the person I love has barricaded himself in CCSVI land. Seriously. So that is why i feel like that. I just dont want him to go over the deep end if this doesnt work out for him. But I am going to support him no matter what. I dont doubt it will work, I just wish he could calm down a little and relax because its either going to work or its not. And it it doesnt we will try something else. My MS is fine. I know its a progressive cumulative disease. I have no problem being in a wheelchair. As long as I still have my brain, I can adjust. I am not interested in this Liberation procedure for myself. Im not ever going to be interested in that. I like my FDA meds. That's just me. Everyone has a different path to addressing their MS. Im looking into Tysabri this week so that will be new for me.

I understand. Too much delving into ANYTHING can be seriously detrimental to relationships. I hope he gets out of it. I can relate a bit. I was on a bit of a crusade myself to get the whole thing done, but I've hugely pulled back now that I got it. Hopefully that's how it will work out for you. However, if my family told me "quit obsessing and pay us some damn attention!", I know I'd have listened. I still would have done what I had to to get the procedure, but I know I could still have gotten it done with FAR less hours spent on here than I did. Thanks for clearing that up for me!
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Postby gymbuff » Thu Feb 18, 2010 7:47 am

I was diagnosed about 22 years ago. There was no medication available back then. When I did start I started with Betaferon and recently changed to Tysabri. I am now 52 years of age and my eldest daughter is getting married next summer. I intend walking her up the aisle and I am really aiming to walk with without my walking stick.

Everyone is different and the course of ms is so different wiyh us all but I agree totally with "MS is the best of the incurables....cancer kills you"

Keep a positive attitude and stay as fit as possible. Do as much as you can each day within your limits. I know people will offer to help, don't let them unless you have to. Ask for help when you need it. Golden Rule in our house - if I can I will do it, albeit slowly and if I can't I will ask for help.

The correct mental attitude is so important. :D
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Postby thumbsup » Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:11 am

still there is good in this world. plenty of happiness to be found. do not give up on yourself.
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Postby Miss_Feisty » Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:23 am

One thing I have learned, everyone endures a problem, a fear, a heart break, a loss. You are not alone. We are here sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. We understand and know how you feel.

I had suffered enormous grief when I was diagnosed. Too many losses in a short time removed any feeling of control I had over my life. I cried, I pitied myself, I was frustrated and angry.

Replacing the thoughts of fear with love, hope and faith help. Retraining the brain to see life differently and substituting negative thoughts with positive thinking. What you CAN do as opposed to what you can't. What WILL happen as opposed to what may not. Change your focus and perspective. It is easier said than done, but can be done and is very rewarding.

Always remember someone loves you, someone wants you to be happy and someone truly cares. Always HAVE HOPE!!!!
MS fears can take away from your life, you have the control to stop fearing unknowns and start making positive changes in your life.

I wish you all the best.
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