forum personalities. each one has it

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forum personalities. each one has it

Postby tara97 » Mon Feb 01, 2010 7:04 pm

its weird not knowing what I have has made me a regular on 3 different forums. cidp/ gbs because I was diagnosed with gbs. MS because I had a demyinating lesion and every other ms symptom. and lupus because of the ANA and SSB along with some sort of arthritis.
lupus has a very girly kind of feel. very feminine. more humor. alot of fear about oregon involvment.
CIDPers are very serious. very much an older group and mechanically simpler with out autonomic involvment. not interested in the why of it. very interested in functioning dispite it all. alot of fear of autonomic combo with no reception to therapy.
MSers are up for a good theory and I am chalked full of that. they have a stronger sense that a chain reaction has sent thme to the place they are at so they search.
Fibromyalgia have fought for so long to be recognized that dispite those stupid tests, they are struck by a debilitating painful ailment. they dont want to here any theories. I feel them.
anyway just an observation. I have gained strength through all of them.
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