Aricept - vivid dreams

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Aricept - vivid dreams

Postby batpere » Sat Mar 19, 2005 6:25 am

My neuro started me on Aricept 6 months ago when I was having cognitive problems. When I mentioned vivid dreams 2 months ago, she suggested taking it in the morning (which I do). The dreams are perhaps less intense, no more thwarting of airplane hijackings or rescuing my kids from getting killed, but I still have quite the dreams almost every night.

Is this bad? I reallly don't want to stop taking the Aricept. I have stopped taking it on the weekends since I don't need to think then.
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Postby OddDuck » Sat Mar 19, 2005 9:56 am

Hi, batpere!

By your question, "Is this bad?", what are you asking exactly? Is it bad physically for you, or does it somehow indicate that the drug is somehow doing something to you that it shouldn't be or something?

I am no doctor, but from what I have read about this, and it seems this goes hand in hand particularly with MS patients who take Aricept, is that it is common to have the side-effect of experiencing vivid dreams when taking Aricept.

As you are under a physician's care, I would simply continue to discuss this with her.

It does appear to be a common side-effect, so I suppose the bottom line is whether or not you can live with it or not. If it proves too disturbing for you and you don't think you can live with it, there may be some other drugs that your physician can prescribe for you instead of Aricept.

Just continue keeping your physician informed of the side-effects you are experiencing, and if it gets to a point where either your physician or you yourself determine that the side-effects outweigh the benefits, then it may be worth trying something else with your physician's approval.

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Postby dickdata » Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:34 pm

I started remembering vivid dreams soon after I started taking aricept. My early dreams were especially spectacular, with a lot of apparent detail. I hadn't been remembering my dreams for, like, 20 years (remember, you always dream, but you don't always remember). I actually take aricept to remember my dreams. My theory is that your dreams can affect you mood, even if you don't consciously remember them. I believe that by remembering them, I can logically, if not emotionally, dismiss them. That is, I can say to myself, no wonder you feel depressed, you had a sad dream.
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