What is 'lesions reduction'?

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What is 'lesions reduction'?

Postby Algis » Tue Mar 30, 2010 7:35 am

Pardon my lack of knowledge and / or understanding.

I read in many posts that this med or this supplement or this regimen proved an (example) 60% reduction on active (sometimes not?) lesions...

Well; the question is: is that the existing lesions reduced to 60% of what they were (which mathematically would make the lesions almost non-existent after 8 sessions) or that the non-subject would get the 40% of the new active lesions...

How on earth are those lesions reduction computed? if we take 100 peeps; and all of them get x-Anti-MS-X's drug and that 60% of them have no "more" active lesions than 100 peeps that take nothing; how can we deduct that 60% is the result? And that 'without' the 'reduction' factor ...?

In the first case; if the lesions were reduced; how can MS still exists? The subject then is merely myelin regeneration?

Can anybody explain or direct me to something that clearly explain that?

Thanks and sorry for the babbling
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Postby eric593 » Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:26 pm

It depends if that sentence ends with "compared with placebo".

It should usually read "60% reduction in active lesions compared with placebo". So the group using the active medication has 60% less active lesions than the placebo group. i.e., if the placebo group had 100 active lesions, the active med group would have 40, making it 60% less active lesions than the placebo group.
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