baclofen question

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baclofen question

Postby mistymtn » Fri Apr 02, 2010 4:26 pm

Hi, I have cervical spinal pain/stenosis and issues like cfs/fm, maybe related, my doc thought it would be worth a trial of baclofen to see how effects pain. I cannot tolerate many meds due to detox limitations, P450 issues, so started out with small amount, like 1mg and felt hungover next day even from that. Have tried for a couple days on and off but the next day sedation is putting me off it. I thought maybe a couple days after taking it I felt better than usual. then today after taking like 1 mg again last night I have awful pain today, am in a spinal flare so just may not be powerful enough but feel worse it seems than was, so my questionis could baclofen ever paradoxically increase spinal pain? Trust me, 1mg could effect me as all I would have to do is take dust size crumb of ssris and get either pain relief or near seizure.........unless baclofen is more like advil where not much effect on brain but I dont think thats my understanding from my limited knowledge. any thoughts appreciated.
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