1 day to go to the Marathon

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1 day to go to the Marathon

Postby robinredbreast » Fri Apr 15, 2005 3:20 pm

and the butterflies have started! :O)

My £10,000 mark blue hair went down a treat on the train up to London this am, even got a seat, guess they all thought I was a nutter :O)

On the way home it proved useful in extracting sponsor money off a very nice businessman who made the mistake of asking me why I had blue hair......I explained that I was doing the marathon blah blah, and at the end of it all he handed me a wodge of money as I got off at Gatwick (top banana or what?:O)

Ok, Sunday. I am starting from Red Start on Greenwich common at 09.45.

BBC coverage begins at 0845, with the wimmin, wheelchairs and elite (why I was not asked to start with them I'll never know :O))))

If you work out it will take anything up to 15 mins for me to actually GET to the start then I will be doing 15 min miles,so even a bad maths person will be able to work out roughly what time I will be at which mile.

There ARE 2 clowns wearing MSRC running colours of dark green shirts with MS in big letters on the back - but I shall be the one with rainbow hair and crutches, so shouldn't be too hard to spot :O) BBC online have phoned tonight and asked permission to do a bit on me on Sunday morning on the Net and use my clown piccy, so look out for that as well :O)

Don't forget the BBC2 Marathon Heroes proggy tomorrow at 18.05, that's where I might be seen following their filming in february (fingers crossed)

The total as of now stands at an totally gobsmacking £10,833.91 and it seems to be rising by the minute, so £15,000 by Sunday morning still looks in sight :O)))))))))))))))))))))) If I do make it I will shave my head! :O))))))))))))))))))

Must go and pack my stuff up for tomorrow and get some sleep!

Thanks again to all of you for your unstinting support, it has carried me through the bad times onthe way to this point and will keep me going on Sunday, come what may.

I aim to be on the Mall by 4.15 to 4.30 all being well. :O))))))))))))

If you still haven't sponsored me and would like to, go here: http://www.justgiving.com/squiffysmarathon

and help me raise even more money for the MSRC!


Laughter for MS - http://www.shof.msrcsites.co.uk/
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