Could this be MS ?

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Could this be MS ?

Postby Bibek » Sun Apr 18, 2010 9:21 pm

Hi all,
I am giving below My symptoms and diagnosis in chronological order.

1.2001 >> Erectile Dysfunction

2.2001 >> Feeling extrem fatigue ==gone after few weeks.

3.2003 >> Waking difficulty. Difficulty in passing urine and urine leakage .. Constipation
Dxd PPMS.Had first relapse.

4.2004 >> Dxd "AQUEDUCTAL STENOSIS" rejected by neurosurgeons saying "Arrested Hydrocephalus"

5.2005 >> Bladder incontinence ( unable to hold back )

6.2006 >> Dxd "Demelinatory Desies,?Prograssive MS" on IMURAN since than.Had second relapse. doctors said demeylination is evident from the MRI.My WBC count were over 10,000.

7.2009 >> Had third relapse ,the neuro suspect "Vestibular Pathology " and advised MRI of dorsal spine .I did it for brain also,the technician did found an infection between D1..D3

The neuros are now seems to be confused (whether to name it as MS),one of the neuro asked for a MRI looking for vestibular pathology ,while the MRI was in progress the technician asked for contrast looking at a possible infection between D1..D3 and it did exist (the neuro says it will come and go)

The other reason being ,no new symptoms has surfaced even after three major relapses.Only the existing symptoms(since 2000),has aggravated a little ,particularly walking got worse.(no physical exercise)
Other information:
Had two episode of vertigo in late nineties once with vomiting.
Could this be MS ?or should I look for some other disease ?
I urge you to kindly show me some light out of this darkness. Seven years and no proper diagnosis ?
I am depressed, frustrated.

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Postby shye » Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:45 am

One quick thought--
did any doctor follow up on the high blood count??(can be high due to infection)
If "possible" infection between D1-D3, how did they treat this infection?
Did they search for source of infection?

I would be aggressive in looking into the infection aspect--infections can cause all sorts of mayhem in body, including all your "MS" symptoms.

Good luck!
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