rife/coil etc machines

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rife/coil etc machines

Postby Selmahope » Thu Apr 29, 2010 12:43 pm

Since I have likely neuro lyme (still no diagnosis)and have lyme plus MS symptoms (optic neuritis, numbness,coord, balance, nerve pain jerking , twitching, dizzy, head pressure etc etc)-Neuro's still don't know what to do with me- they want to label me as fibro-and all my symptoms are intensly neurological and have been very progressive in nature since onset of ON 4 years ago and now a drug treatment. But I pass the MS physical exam and have no lesions. Neuro's are telling me since I don't have lesions and pass the physical type of neuro exam it is highly unlikely I have MS.

Asking you the MS folks- has anyone with MS used rife or zapper etc type machines? With negative or positive outcomes? the lyme folks are big on this -well some are.
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