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Some info to share if you don't have an MS diagnosis...

Postby seelie » Sun Jun 20, 2004 6:53 am

Regarding Possible MS / Probable MS or the diagnosis I had for a while "demylenating disease - unspecified"....

Actually - This is a nice grace period for you to get some affairs in order regarding disability, long term care and life insurance if you care about these things..... especially the first two ( I believE )

Once they put the MS moniker on you .... you're toast as far as the insurance companies are concerned.

I have decent life insurance - and figured I didn't need much since I was single... just enuf money to burn me/put me in the ground one day.

Then I got married and decided it would be nice to leave a lil more for my wife via life insurance .... tried to up the amount.... and got a somewhat rude 'No Thanks' and there really wasn't an appeal process.... so we have what we have and short of an arm or leg (which MS has already kinda taken from me) I can't increase my coverage except through another private insurer....

Just something else to think about

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