Am I one of you guys? (Concise list of symptoms)

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

My best guess on those symptoms is that it is ..

MS Remission-Relapsing form
Not MS: Just another disorder.
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Am I one of you guys? (Concise list of symptoms)

Postby MaybeFriend » Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:16 pm

THANK YOU to anyone willing to take of his time and precious energy to look into my case and share with me their thoughts. I'm currently unable to get a proper medical advice concerning my case and I could use a little hope in finding a Dx. Would also bring major relief to see anyone showing any interest in what I'm living, as no one around me seem to care.

The whole thing began 4 years ago in the form of an acute crisis. I had a few ups and downs and one very well defined remission and relapse in the past year.

I am a 31 year old male from Quebec, Canada.

The following post describe my case ->
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Symptoms 1/2

Postby MaybeFriend » Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:18 pm

○ Symptoms increases by ~50-80% around 3 PM and up.
§ Seemingly independently of the time schedule.
§ Before adequate treatment of the psychological symptoms a year ago (i.e. Affect/Mood, irritation) - for 3 years - those symptoms where also correlated with this diurnal variation pattern.

○ Eating increases those symptoms ~50% of the time.
○ Carbohydrates (e.g. Noodles soup) seems to be the lesser offender. [Unsure]
○ No known allergies or intolerance.

- Weak sense of balance with eyes closed
○ ~5 second on one-leg while having eyes closed.
○ Usually can keep up to ~1 minute with eyes opened; demands constant and nervous efforts.

- Frequent diarrhea.
- Frequent urination
○ ~5 times a day; on caffeine free days.
○ ~3 times a night.
§ [note] Never woke up for that on Low Dose Naltrexone.

- Fluctuating sight quality
○ Variable blurriness
○ Sluggish Focusing
○ Abnormal sensations while reading text [?]
§ Feels like not looking where I should
§ Feels like 'skipping / trial-error' micro-positioning

- Tinnitus

- Cranial flares
○ Bilateral
○ Dull pain / inflammation-like sensations
○ Mostly in the 5th cranial nerve - the trigeminal nerve.
§ Afferent (Sensory) anomaly in the branches V1,the ophthalmic nerve, and V2, the maxillary nerve:
□ Burning-like sensations in those areas: forehead, temples, sides of the nose, mid-face (cheeks) and part of the scalp.
□ Electric-like sensations in the top of the mouth teeth.
□ Compression-like sensations behind the eyes.
§ Light efferent (Motor) anomaly in the V3 branch, the mandibular nerve:
□ Jaw restlessness and fatigue: micro tremor of the jaw muscles that fatigue the muscles and the nerves. Involuntary jaw clenching and teeth grinding happens during the days when this happens.
□ The port of a mouth guard - during the day - improves the overall facial symptoms.

- Cognitive symptoms (BrainFog)
○ Severity of symptoms correlate mostly with cranial symptoms.
○ Was also correlating psychological symptoms at times it was inappropriately treated.
○ Simple task feels complex and heavy; becomes to be overwhelming.
○ Lowest during the night
○ Attention / Concentration impairment
○ Memory impairment
○ Judgement impairment
○ Organisational (Scheduling) impairment
○ Will / Volition impairment
○ Interpretation impairment (i.e.: 'getting' what's happening'); sluggish
○ For those in the known: It feels like a bad case of major depression, without any psychological pain or anxiety. Or heavy seizure medications after having not slept for 36 hours.

○ Tiredness
○ Never wake up refreshed
○ Easily get tired, especially by mental efforts on bad days.

○ Psychological symptoms
○ Atypical Depression (not melancholic) with anxiety mostly of the social type.
○ Episodic Social Phobia.
○ Mental entropy
○ Finally got under control - after about 35 trials in the last decade- by:
§ Clonazepam 0.5mg
§ Chromium 200mcg BID
§ PEA (Phenylethylamine) 750mg [without a MAO-B inhibitor]
§ Afobazole (Russian anxiolytic drug)
○ Intriguingly helping:
§ Evening Primrose Oil (Gamma Linolenic Acid: Omega 6 fatty acid)
○ Interestingly detrimental:
§ Alpha Lipoic Acid
□ Triggers strong episode of social phobia and sickness behaviour, overall anxiety, thick brain fog, fatigue and sleepiness (16+ hours day for a few day), light muscle weakness, worsened sense of balance.
□ A single dose can bring such an episode for ~5 days.
□ Mercury Amalgams in my mouth: 16
§ Selenium
□ Triggers general psychological malaise - feelings of uneasiness - including dysthymia, irritability.
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Symptoms 2/2

Postby MaybeFriend » Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:19 pm

○ Sexuality related
○ Good enough libido from a medical point of view.
○ Difficult to actually get stimulated and excited.
○ Reduced/abnormal genital sensitivity. 99% of the time, it feels like any other non-erogenous part of the body.
○ Generally weak erections; long to generate, easy to lose.
○ Partial secondary anorgasmia
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Postby joeymia » Tue Jun 29, 2010 8:49 pm

have you had a MRI done?
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Postby L » Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:14 am

There's certainly nothing there that rules MS out, nothing that sounds new to me having read others talk about their symptoms. I don't know what other conditions could fit these symptoms, what other conditions a neurologist would wish to rule out looking at MRI scans and LP results but, I'd say, that a neurologist would suspect MS, yes..
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Postby sbr487 » Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:27 am

to be very frank i have definitely had quite a few symptoms you have mentioned. Its only that you have broken them down to a very micro level.
Whether you have MS or not does not matter
Whether you have some other neuro issue does not matter
But pray that you have venous insufficiency ....
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