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Postby MAYNERD » Thu Jul 08, 2010 5:18 pm

Is anyone or has anyone applied for ssi disability and did they give you a hassel?
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Postby blue067 » Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:23 pm

I applied for SSDI and was approved the first time--within 3 months. I had been dx for over 12 years, worked for 36 years. I applied online --had every health record--and it took about 12 hous of time, because I did have all the information. For a few years I kept a diary of symptoms on a calendar--just jotted how I was feeling, my shots, was I fatigued etc.

I copied all of the records, my diary, and took my birth certificate and ID to the SS off office and dropped off the papers.
The following week I recieved record releases to sign, a phone interview, and completed the forms about daily living. The next time I heard from anyone--I got my approval.

SS only asks for your records for the last three-six months, so you have to be seeing your doc during this time, or at least it is helpful to have his/her support to file. Having worked in HC for years--I wanted to be sure the info got there. I sent everything, organized according to years and exam types. The doctors are busy and disability claims are often last on the list of what to get done.
:) Hope this helps, and good luck.
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Postby JennInNY » Tue Jul 13, 2010 5:43 pm

Great advice, Blue!

On the recommendation of one of my providers, I bought the "memoryMinder" (now called the "HealthMinder", I believe) journal so that I could log all of my symptoms, food intake, medicines, hours slept, naps, etc. in one central location. It also has a place to enter all of your lab and radiologic/neurologic testing, dates, and places.

I have yet to apply for SSDI but when I do, I will be sure to have all of my info in one convenient place!

:o) jenn
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