psychosis/ mania before remission

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psychosis/ mania before remission

Postby tara97 » Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:24 pm

the past two times I have gone into remission I have had problems with mania before it. My creativity and my abstract thinking skills seems to sky rocket in comparison to the way I normally am.

these past two times the illness was out for a whole year and then it remisses. I do not have any mental illnesses other wise other than these two times. but through out my life i have noticed that I have had sporatic bouts of creativity and was frustrated that I could not always access it.

this last time I started to have grandios psychosis and some paranoia and I felt really raw I feel everything and could not stand noise or the touch of others. but I also became logical and could abstract streams of logic like I was some philosopher lol. now that I am of sound mind I see very little fallacies in this logic. they say that creative intelligence correlates with insanity and not IQ.

anyone else?
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