Research overturns theories about MS

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Research overturns theories about MS

Postby scorpion » Sun Sep 26, 2010 7:56 am

Sometimes the press drives me crazy! "Research MAY overturn theories about MS" would make much more sense but I guess the headline would not be as catchy! Still interesting find. ... 15sfw.html
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Postby Lyon » Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:14 am

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Re: Research overturns theories about MS

Postby seeva » Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:40 am

scorpion wrote:Sometimes the press drives me crazy! "Research MAY overturn theories about MS" would make much more sense but I guess the headline would not be as catchy! Still interesting find. ... 15sfw.html

HI FRIENDS MY name is seeva and i have send this infomations to my neuro regarding the reseach on NEUROMYELITIS OPTICA(NMO) which attackedastrocytes in a subtype of MS. ALSO MY FUTHER SEARCH ABOUT NMO i have found this NMO IS ALSO KNOW AS DEVIC'S DISEASE OR DEVIC'S SYNDROME is an autoimmune, inflammatory disorderi in which a person's own immune system attacks the optic nerve(optic neuritis) and the spinal cord(myelities) although inflammation may also affect the brain, the lesions are different from those observed in the related condition multiple sclerosis. spinal cord lesions lead to varing degrees of weakness or parlaysis in the legs or arms and loss of sensation/bladder and bowel dysfunction.
DEVIC'S DISEASE is a rare disorder which resembles MS in several ways
but requires a different course of treatment of optimal results
the course of DEVIC'S DISEASE is highly variable. it largley depends on whether ther is a tendency for relapses to occur after the intial flurry of symptoms that leads the diagnosis.
In general, attacks of DEVIC'S DISEASE tend to be more frequent and severe than are in MS.
1.this DEVIC'S DISEASE affects only the optic neves and spinal cord, wherease MS affects the brain as well.
2.AN MRI of the brian is typically normal in DEVICS DISEASE,although this not always the case;in MS the MRI of the brain typically shows many areas of inflammations.
3.Spinal fuid stdies tend not to show the typical elevation of antibodyies detected in patients with MS, ALTHOUGH OCCASIONAL PATIENTS MAY SHOW THE ABNORMAL PATTERN OF ANTIBODIES.
the identification of NMO-IgG as a marker for DEVIC'S SYNDROME allows to be distinguished from other autoimmune disease like one MS. so by doing this test we can find whther we have M.S or NMO.
IN MY CASE I HAD ALL THE ABOVE SYMPTOMS OF DEVIC'S DISEASE in my first month of the my MS STARTED IN 1998.i have point out the above infomations with the new theories find by the researchers to my neuro.
but he reply back sameday that i donot have NMO. if they find a specific antibody in MS, there may be new treatments. he says this is the breaskthrough is still just research like CCSVI beeakthrough in MS which my neuro doesnot believe. very hard to convince our neuros. i was so disopointed. may be some one's neuro can go and find more about this .
please friends pass this infomations to your neuro and find his opinion on NMO.
seeva :roll:
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