Fluid in the lungs?

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Fluid in the lungs?

Postby Dawna » Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:58 pm

I have noticed over the past few months that on the rare occasion, it feels as though I have fluid in my lung(s). Once I noticed it during a time when I had a sore throat, and I thought I was going to get bronchitis, but it never materialized. Since then, maybe every few weeks, I would noticed when I took a deep breath, that it felt as though my chest "gurgled" a bit. But if I tried to breathe deeply, I couldn't make it happen again. It's done this off and on, very sporadically. Tonight, it happened again (after a few weeks of nothing happening). When I took a breath to talk, I started coughing because there WAS something in my chest. Again, after that first two second cough, I couldn't recreate it. That was the first time that it actually made me cough. My heart has also been pumping harder the past few weeks :( But I do know I have mitro-valve prolapse, which sometimes seems to be active more than other times.

I tried to research MS with fluid in the lungs, but haven't really been able to find anyone asking questions about it. Maybe it's not an MS issue? But I thought at least I'd ask here to see if anyone else has had experiences like mine. (I had a thoracotomy in 1998 so I do have some history with my lungs)

I feel bad going to my doctor asking about this chest issue if I cannot recreate it for him.
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Postby growing2boys » Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:03 pm

Did you run your list of meds for side effects. Many meds take for MS (like Lyrica) can cause pleural effusion. How is your blood pressure? Hypertension can eventually result in heart failure & fluid build up. It can start off very mild with just minor swelling of the ankles- & the gurgle feeling you describe. Lots of other conditions can cause what you describe- things as simple as seasonal allergies.

I wouldn't worry about going to your doctor. A CXR is relatively cheap & will show if you have fluid or infection in or around your lung. He can also just take a quick listen for you. It's very easy & accurate for him to just listen.
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Postby lyndacarol » Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:37 pm

Dawna-- I encourage you to pursue this situation with your GP. If you think you have had a problem, even if you cannot reproduce it at the time of your doctor's appointment, you and your doctor need to investigate it.

There are conditions that your doctor can check for – accumulation of body fluid, heard in the lungs or seen in the ankles or legs; cardiac failure as growing2boys mentioned.

By the way, recently I have been investigating chocolate and a primary component, theobromine. From a recent source: "Theobromine has been used as a drug for its diuretic effect, particularly in cases where cardiac failure has resulted in an accumulation of body fluid.… Because of its ability to dilate blood vessels, theobromine also has been used to treat high blood pressure."

The same article states that "Theobromine is mildly diuretic (increases urine production), is a mild stimulant, and relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchi of the lungs." I have read elsewhere that it is helpful to asthmatics – maybe it will help with the MS hug, also.

Maybe that is a good reason for you to eat some dark chocolate every day!
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