Not Diagnosed but have Questions

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Not Diagnosed but have Questions

Postby nextbigloser » Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:01 am

I am 35 yrs. old and ...

In late 2007 I began having double vision that would not go away. It started when I was driving home from work and I couldn't tell what side of the road I was on.

I was sent to a neurologist and had some tests down including a spinal tap to measure the spinal pressure. Well it was elevated and the neurologist said I had Innercranial Hypertension. My options were to lose weight (yes I was very heavy) or a vp shunt in my head. My weight came on suddenly due to depression. We moved 14 hours back to my family but my oldest son at the time didn't want to move away from dad and I sadly agreed to let him stay with him. I became extremely depressed and went from 160lbs to 287lbs.

I decided upon gastric bypass and had that done in Jan. 2008. I now weigh 125lbs. and have to fight everyday to eat and not get sick. I can not maintain a healthy weight and feel my health is degenerating.

I have been to the Mayo clinic and they can't find anything wrong with the surgery and are stumped as to why I get sick all the time and can't keep weight on. They only looked at my stomach no other tests were performed.

Right before I got pregnant with Jordan (7months) my sex drive disappeared and I had to force myself to have sex so that we could have her. Things haven't changed on that front.

Now within the last 6 months I found out that I was so severely iron deficient that I was not allowed to leave the hospital without and iron transfusion. I had to have 10 transfusion in one month and will continue to have them every few months along with monthly B12 injections.

Also in the last 6 months I have developed other symptoms that I have not mentioned to anyone because I feel like my family can't deal with anymore. They already are in fear of my dying.

Within the last 3 months I have had server pain like all of my muscles are burning and it comes on suddenly and goes away just as quickly. There are times I will get up and it feels like from the waist down I have no feeling or maybe muscle weakness but I can not describe it. The most recent thing is the loss of finger dexterity. I will try picking something up or grab something small and its like I can't feel my fingers to do it. This has only happened 3 times but it is scary. Other things with my fingers that I have noticed is that I am finding it difficult to button Jordans clothes and I would say well heck my fingers aren't working. I also have this strange feel like the back of my tongue and throat are thick or numb and it feels funny swallowing. I sometimes have yellow spots in my vision too.

So none of this I have told anyone. I just cant afford to keep going to the doctors. I am paying monthly medical payments of $1100.00 right now and will be for awhile. I am working overtime and trying to do some side jobs to get extra money. I am so fatigued that it is really making everything a challenge for me.

SO last night me being me start researching all of my symptoms Google can be your worst enemy. Every search came back as MS. Now I know that the chances are slim but my goodness I feel like I have many early warning signs starting from the double vision that I was having back in 2007. I am scared and did it to myself. I can't tell DH because he is really sick of me being sick. It puts so much on him and I understand that. I did make an appt. with me PCP for Nov. 8th.

Does any of this sound like symptoms of MS to you are am I just being paranoid.

Thank you for reading this and taking the time to respond.
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Postby nextbigloser » Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:24 am

I want to just create a list of all my symptoms as crazy as they may sound:

headaches (diagnosed with migraines)

electric shock like sensation that goes through my body and or feeling like all of my muscles are on fire

I wake up 5 or 6 times a night with my legs spasming very painful

Weakness in my body

random ringing in my ears

odd sensation swallowing

brain fog and forgetfulness

lose balance on occasion have had vertigo in the past

Dizziness occasionally

floaters in eyes and itchy eyes

No sex drive

extremely fatigues in the afternoon. Thought I was going to fall asleep behind the wheel driving home from work more than once.

As I type this it feels like my hips and neck are on fire. I don't know what the heck is going on.
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