time for a new job - now what?

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time for a new job - now what?

Postby jenn » Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:30 am

I have just decided to quit my job that I have been at for 6 years!!!!

What am I thinking??

Oh yeah... I'm thinking that I can no longer handle standing on my feet for 12 hours from 6PM - 6AM. I can't function like this! I'm tired - no... not tired, exhausted - physically, mentally, emotionally. I'm frustrated with this disease & the limits it puts on my body. I take great pride in my work, but I'm just not able to keep up the level of performance that I once could while working in this environment.

So I've decided that instead of claiming disability, I am going to try going back to a normal desk job. One where I can work M-F 8 hours a day during regular, human hours again & sleep during the night as nature intended.

Now here is the problem: How do I apply for a new job?

What I mean is - What should I say is the reason I quit? The truth, of course? But how do I word it so the ugly truth doesn't look so ugly to potential employers and I don't sound like such a high risk?

Any ideas?
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Postby jimmylegs » Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:22 am

hi jenn,

sorry to hear you're having a rough time. what kind of symptoms do you have to put up with?

just curious... have you already addressed all the nutritional angles that go with ms? have you had all the bloodwork done and corrected any problems with vit b12, vit D3, magnesium, zinc, and so on?

as for what you tell the transition... do you think you could hang in there at the current job until you secure the new one? i'm sure you could come up with a reason for wanting to make a change, that did not highlight how rotten you're feeling lately.
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Postby lyndacarol » Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:02 am

Jenn – it seems to me that a schedule of 6 PM to 6 AM is justification alone for looking for a different job, without any mention of your physical condition. Even healthy people prefer a schedule with "normal" hours. With any health condition, we tend to fixate on the problem; often outsiders cannot see our problems unless we tell them. You know your abilities best and if you are careful to choose a job that suits those abilities, I don't see that there should be any difficulty in finding another job. People change jobs for all sorts of reasons; sometimes people just want a "change." Good luck. I know you will be successful in finding a more suitable job.
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