RRMS dx.. Is it MISUNDERSTOOD and a wrong dx?

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RRMS dx.. Is it MISUNDERSTOOD and a wrong dx?

Postby NZer1 » Mon Dec 13, 2010 7:35 pm

For some time I have been noticing that the pathology studies done on MS lesions have shown that the immune system is not involved when the lesion is forming. The immune system becomes involved after the lesion is present and the body is attempting to heal the lesion, in essence the immune system comes to clean up the byproducts and scar tissue.
http://www.msrc.co.uk/index.cfm/fuseact ... 44&h=e4fcd
And I have listed some more info;
http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=1 ... &topic=222
The disease form called RRMS is progressive under the cloud of immune system responses which is dependent on the persons immune system having predisposition to 'reacting' at the formation site of MS lesions. The progression is continuing along with/ at the same time as the masking effect of the immune system response at the lesion site.
The DMD drugs are modifying the effect the immune system can have, but it does not change the progression of 'MS' working at the same time.
If the immune system is not involved in such a reactionary way it is because the person has a different or better immune system response to the 'MS' process of damage, and that form of the disease was knick named SPMS or PPMS, or Benign.
Following RRMS people for the past decades has not gotten any closer to the cause of the disease and when the vascular involvement research is spoken about it is shot down with ignorance of the underlying process of 'MS'.
The origin of all forms of MS is not immune system generated it is a process that is caused by blood flow, the immune system has been shown to NOT be present in the early formation of lesions so it cannot be used to study 'MS' causation.
Studying or Modifying immune systems will not get us any closer to the TRUTH about cause of MS!
MS is NOT about faulty immune systems! It lives under that cloud.

Much of the past research on MS supports this opinion, the issue for me is assembling the facts, a challenge for a PwMS. I have listed some of the reasoning on my site under the headings in the discussions area;
http://www.facebook.com/pages/CCSVI-in- ... 738&ref=ts
What do you think?
Regards Nigel
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Postby tara97 » Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:53 pm

I believe you are correct on this. if the immune system is faulty it is secondary to another primary process. I also agree that the origin would have to be a flaw in our basic arcitecture but I strongly believe that it starts in the liver and MS is really a manifestation of porphyria first. CCSVI may be some compensation mechanism for orthostatic hypotension either due to overstimulation to the vagus nerve or a hormonal cascade from cortisol exhaustion that the porphyria caused. I think the low uric acid is a result of an electrolyte imbalence created in this process and I have also found that MSers are high in folic acid and bacteria and fungus which may or may not be consistant with low urea, high nitrogen and eventually amonia.

I think that in the RR phase our bodies get hit and when ever an imbalence is created in anything, it will occilate until it normalizes. early on our bodies are strong enough to take that hit and still normalize but eventually we loose that ability and our bodies loose that ability to repair itself efficiently which is when chronic illness takes over. Now where on the pH line the occilation occurs determine what disease process porphyria causes. Lupus is more acidic than MS and parkinsons is more alkaline than MS. anyway we all have our theories
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Re: RRMS dx.. Is it MISUNDERSTOOD and a wrong dx?

Postby HarryZ » Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:41 am

You aren't the only person who has stated the immune system is not responsible for starting the MS process. Some researchers have said as much (ie: Dr. P.O. Behan's Pathogenesis of MS paper)

But don't tell this to the drug companies who have made billion$ from their immune system altering drugs. That would be bad for their business!

As for the various "types" of MS...those titles didn't exist at first but were established to assist the drug companies obtaining orphan drug status for their drug research in the early 90's. When Betaseron became the first DMD to get approved, there was no such term as SPMS, PPMS etc. Their MS patients were randomly chosen from anybody who suffered from the disease. But soon after, the makers of Avonex needed to carefully select their mild MS patients for their trials in order to get good results. Thus the four different categories were established with the assistance of the NMSS. Thus, only "RRMS" patients were chosen for the trials. Guess what quickly got approved as an orphan drug?

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