Campath trial results

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Campath trial results

Postby bromley » Fri Sep 16, 2005 5:27 am

Dear all,

This should be in the Campath 1-H section but I thought it might be best to highlight it under general discussion. Campath looked very promising in terms of reducing relapse rates etc but initial trial data from the Phase II trial shows that there are very risky side-effects (wouldn't be MS if there wasn't!).

I went to see Dr Coles (based in Cambridge, England) to see if I could get on the trial. I met him earlier this year and he was very different to the person who had responded to my letter. I suspect that he had started to hear about some of the side effects (Raven mentioned a death in one of his postings).

I now look to Tovaxin to deliver (it looks safe and doesn't completely wreck your immuine system as do some of the more potent treatments).

The company's report: ... 091605.asp

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Postby dignan » Fri Sep 16, 2005 11:18 am

Interesting stuff. The link below is to an article that includes a bit of additional information from a conference call held after the release Bromley posted. ... 376_newsml

The interesting bit for me is:

"On the call, Genzyme said the company and the FDA agree that Campath, which is currently approved to treat a form of leukemia, should not be used off-label."

Since most of the drugs used off-label for MS are immune-surpressing chemo drugs with significant side-effects, to recommend against off-label use of Campath says a lot about the dangers it potentially poses.
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