Celexia Help Please

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Celexia Help Please

Postby T19 » Mon Dec 27, 2010 7:03 pm

Hello All,
I'm not new here but for the life of me I cannot recall my old user name or anything ( must be an MS thing :x ). I tried everything to retrive it but nothing so I can't even refer to my old posts.

My question is about Celexia. I take 20 mgs a day. Somehow I completely forgot to take it for days even after it was pounded into my head not to miss a dose or especially several doses. It didn't hit me until tonight why I was so sick. I have been having horrific headaches that burn and sting, horrible nightmares and unable to sleep at night. It dawned on me tonight when I was thinking what the heck could be causing it. I even called my doctors today thinking maybe I was just having more migraines. I never used so much headache medicine in my life. I used lots of maxalt and my rescue meds for migraines which is Fiorcet. I had the Rx for that stuff and never even used it except in the last few days.

It hit me tonight that I totally lost track of my meds and didn't take it for several days and I'm thinking well over a week or so.

Has anyone had this happen or has anyone been through this with Celexia. I started it back tonight. I never got ahold of my docs due to a winter storm and holiday but I'm thinking now that has to be the reason why I was so sick. I also had nausea and more.

Any info or experinece with this drug is appreciated.

I have had MS for 3 years come this Jan. I'm on Tysabri IV. I have RRMS but have had a bad 6 months and my new MRI was not good considering...

Thanks to everyone
Merry Christmas and Happy Coming new year.

I forgot. Will starting it back up relieve these symptoms or am I doomed to go through this awhile longer?
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Postby Bubba » Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:10 pm

I have been on/off Celexa for over a year. Most of the time when I take it, I do it the right way. However, there are times I forget to refill a bottle and miss 2-3 weeks and have even went off of it for two months. It has no side effect for me to take it or miss it. I can say that it is a WONDER drug for me, it has givin me my life back. :D
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Postby T19 » Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:31 pm

Thank you. It has helped me soooo much as well. I'm back on track with it now but I had an appt with my PCP today and my blood pressure was through the roof and that is new lately so she placed me on a low dose of meds for that. Could be the culprit for this ongoing headache for sure.
I was also very anemic according to my bloodwork.
All reasons for the headache being so annoying and ongoing.

How much Celexa do you take if you dont mind me asking
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