Accessing your medical records On-line!

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Accessing your medical records On-line!

Postby Bethr » Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:28 pm

I've just found this new service whereby you can access your medical records securely on-line, this includes Lab test results, history, specialists etc.
I'm in New Zealand. Is this system on anywhere else?
I've signed up, and the cost is around 70 cents a week.

Members will be able to view their medical records via a secure log-in, accessible around the world.

The system also allows people to state if they do not want to be resuscitated and if they wish to donate organs. Information about health powers of attorney could be included and people can see who has accessed their records.

"When they need help they don't want any barriers in the way," Mr Lord said.

"A person's medical information is their own. They have a right to see it and being able to see it enables them to play an active role in monitoring their health and taking positive steps to improve or manage it."

MedicAlert says New Zealanders collectively have more than 1.4 million hidden and/or potential life-threatening medical conditions. Some people have multiple conditions.

It calculated more than 500,000 people would immediately benefit from the new system if they joined. An immediate benefit would be enhanced patient safety when an ambulance is called.

The second benefit would be improved patient safety at a hospital emergency department and reduction in medical errors and readmissions.

Other benefits were from integration of MedicAlert into New Zealand health training and through a person's access to their own records.

Sanjeewa Samaraweera, chief operating officer for Medtech Global Limited, said it allowed instant access to information about a person's medical conditions and allergies and next of kin.

Medtech was formed in New Zealand almost 30 years ago and has expanded to many countries.

New Zealand ranks at the top of the world for computerisation of GP practice patient records.

Mr Lord said many patients use Medtech technology to book doctor visits, view lab results and request prescription repeats.

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