amazing support from a supportive garment

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amazing support from a supportive garment

Postby Coffeediva » Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:49 am

I'm not sure if this will be helpful to anyone but I need to sing the praises of a new undergarment I just bought.
I am 37 and in moderate shape, little love handles (great for injections not so great for t-shirt profile) and a little ponchy in front. My friends have been talking about a new bra and shaper that takes care of back fat and love handles while lifting and supporting certain other things. I wasn't interested in new lacy things as I was in mid relapse and feeling quite horrible. My friends ignored me and ordered me one of the bras.

I came home from work 6 months ago and found a box on my front step, lo and behold it was the "unbelievabra" (yep that is it's real name). I removed it from the package and the first thing I thought was "how the heck do you put this on?" after many minutes of sweating and awkward twisting I had the smootest profile I have had in years. It wasn't restricting, I could barely feel it.

Now come the part that explains why I am posting here.
I have been wearing the unbelievabra for 6 full months and have noticed that I am not as shaky and fatigued at the end of my work day (I work a very physical job in a busy warehouse). the garment helps to hold my back straight without straining my muscles. I feel stronger while wearing it.
the most amazing things is that my MS hug is almost non existent while I'm wearing it!!!! and I have suffered from it for 10 months straight. and have previously used tensor bandages to try and get relief.

I am in no way affilliated with the company that makes this garment, nor will I receive any money for reviewing this garment.
I just wanted to share this with those who suffer as I do.
It's nice to feel like a woman and not just an MS patient.
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Unbelievabra Health Benefits

Postby DrStaley » Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:11 pm


You are absolutely right the Unbelivabra is the best supportive , non binding,comfortable bra ever designed and I highly recommend it to all my patients and family. The Unbelivabra is truly unique and it is the ONLY bra that I have ever recommended to my patients by name.

For 18 plus years I recommended sports / posture bras to my female patients but as all women seem to know they have there draw backs namely, esthetically unpleasing and they really don't support all that well. That all changed when my wife found the Unbelivabra. I knew as soon as I really looked closely at the design that my wife had really found something increadably different . Finally a women by the name of Staci Berner has designed a bra that both women and there Doctor of Chiropractic can agree upon.

Thanks for sharing your fantastic experience with this unbelievably great garment !
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