Anybody go to IMSMP in New York?

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Anybody go to IMSMP in New York?

Postby KateCW » Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:35 pm

I recently read an article about intrathecal methotrexate helpinmg to stop progression of PPMS. Research done at MS Research Cene
ter of New York, affiliated with above mentioned International MS Management Practice.

I approached my neuro with the study and got the old "more research is needed".

Soooo, I called the IMSMP and wss told they could see me and prob do intrathecal methotrexate treatment every 2-3 months. The treatment is not expensive, the hotel and travel costs would be. I can't travel alone, need caregiver for my son, etc. It would all be worth it if it helped, but wondering who may have been seen here? Thanks.
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