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Postby bromley » Tue Oct 04, 2005 6:24 am

Dear all,

Earlier this year I posted the following research about Epstein Barr virus and MS.

<shortened url>

I got a very bad bout of EBV (often called Glandular fever in the UK and sometimes referred to as mononucleosis) at age 16 and never had any other illness until my first MS attack at 39. One of the neurologists I saw also noted that most MS patients have a run in with this virus. MS may have many different causes but if I was a betting man EBV and MS seem to be linked (in my case at least).

Another piece of research (slightly different from the other) has also identified a link.

<shortened url>

If EBV is identified as the cause / trigger of some MS cases, does anyone have a view on what can be done about it? Are there drugs which can rid the body of a virus such as EBV? The other interesting point is that the JC virus is the cause of the PML cases that led to Tysabri being pulled. This shows that viruses can cause de-myelinating diseases!

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