what if....

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what if....

Postby tara97 » Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:13 am

hey here is a wild theory. what if everything from parkinsons down to scleraderma were part of the same disease process. when anything on the face of this earth, from the economy to the environment, is knocked off balance, it occilates back and forth over the line of normalcy trying to seek normalization. we have a pH to balance. this pH is balanced with the immune system and electrolytes that buffer the immune system and everything else to support this. our blood seeks its own base and is a fixed as long as the compnents that regulate this are in place but when it seeks its base it leeches it out of any source it can. what if all these diseases identities are dependent on what gets imbalanced on a cellular level in order to hold this serum pH. I have had everything from parkinsonism down to an ANA titer of 1:1280. I kept going back and forth between ANA possitive and negative because I was occilating over the pH line. some diseases are caused in acidosis and some in alkalosis. the central nervous illnesses are too alkaline while the "automimmune" diseases are mostly acidic.
so what would cause this imbalence to start in the first place and to perpetuate?
It would have to be a genetic disorder. something that sets us apart from regular people...
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