brain, spinal and joints degeneration, read this theory...

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brain, spinal and joints degeneration, read this theory...

Postby Filmmaker » Wed Apr 27, 2011 4:43 pm ...
Hi I ve just read this article because I am convinced that there is way more to MS than the "auto immune" or CCSVI theory...
My guess is: MS is a pathogen that must be lying in the stomach -gut.... From there, it gets to brain through the nerves and from the brain down to the spine and to the joints.In arthritis nerve pain sends inflammation both ways (from the infected joints to the spine and vice versa), so MS must be exactly the same process... This would explain why we all have gut issues (some people get diagnosed with celiac... ), bone pain (some of us also develop disc herniations, arthritis, RA...) and excruciating nerve pain.... Now guess what.. What if our immune system was also circulating through our nerves... Don;t forget that our immune cells are fabricated in the gut for the most part) so it would not be surprising the MS pathogen could be temporarily stopped by immune suppressants... but no matter how we suppress the immune system, it may just slow the pathogen circulation and that is why the available treatments now only "slow" progression, its because they do NOT kill the underlying cause... Same for all the "auto immune" conditions were nerve pain is one of the symptoms...
I would like to add that this probably applies only to women who are way more prone to develop MS, RA etc... why is it that women develop those diseases more? That is still a mystery but it could be because of a stronger immune system (for hormonal reasons)...
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