Hand exerciser

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Hand exerciser

Postby syckbastid » Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:02 am


My second acute attack left me with some disability in my hands. These exercisers have helped me tremendously... FYI - I am not affiliated with this company, nor do I get any $$$ out of this. Just wanted advise our community of something potentially beneficial.
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Postby euphoniaa » Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:36 am

Thanks for the hint, syckbastid (love that name). I definitely want to try one of those, especially since I'm a musician (a musician with a finger tremor) and typist. I've been talking about my own great results from using hand exercise balls for a long time, so I'm anxious to try the one you've recommended, too.

My hand/finger exercises have given me enough control that I no longer hit double letters with every stroke of my left hand and I can now play every note of a piano piece, although more slowly than pre-tremor. It's been nothing short of amazing to see the difference that hand exercises have made in my life.

Here's a link to a thread where I gave my experiences:
Here's a link to the brand of ball I've been using (I get no profits from this one either.) You can find them at all different prices on the net, however, but the main link gives the different resistance weights.

http://www.thera-band.com/store/product ... oductID=21

I'm trying to decide which resistance strength to pick on the one you suggested, so I made a list to compare yours to the ones I use. What's your experience? I actually bought the balls for everyone in my family for Christmas one year. (If you can believe it, I've been the healthiest person in my family for awhile. :) )

Theraband ball:
yellow - 1.5 lb (super SOFT - great to squeeze between fingers)
red - 3 lb
green - 5 lb
blue - 8 lb (the original one I got at a PT session. It was pretty stiff until I got used to it. I would start with a lower weight, like a 5 lb.)
black - 17 lb (Yikes. Too hard.)

Prohands exerciser (piano version):
light - 4 lb
med - 6 lb
or 5 lb & 7 lb

I'm kinda excited to see how these work - may try different strengths of this one, too. My left hand is much weaker.

Sending, healthy, stable, non-shaky wishes to all this morning. :)

P.S. I have arthritis in all my fingers and haven't had any pain in them whatsoever in the last few years - since I started exercising them twice a day. Amazing!
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