Inactive lesions shown on MRI?

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Inactive lesions shown on MRI?

Postby ralthiel1983 » Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:05 pm

Hello all :)

I just had a brain MRI as ordered by my Neurologist, for diagnosing a suspected neurological abnormality. I haven't had the MRI read by my doctor yet, I will be tomorrow afternoon. I wanted to get other people's impressions and opinions on what the MRI shows if possible. I talked with the doctor's office earlier today to confirm they got the radiologist's report, the doctor hadn't looked at it yet, but the front desk person said it initially appeared be normal, which I am skeptical about based on the below findings.

The MRI clearly shows several areas that I would judge to be 'black holes' as they are referred to. Dark spots on T1 that correlate with bright spots on T2. These areas show as dark on FLAIR. There are a couple small ones and a large one in the Cerebellum. The FLAIR MRI did not pick up any bright lesions. I will post pictures of what I am referring to later tonight when I can.

Could this be a sign of past MS-like activity that has lead to axon death, and is no longer active? (Relapsing-remitting MS?)

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