Birth Control Pill and MS (thinking about going off)

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Birth Control Pill and MS (thinking about going off)

Postby mexigrl » Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:23 pm


I don't think there is any definite answer to this but I was hoping for some thoughts from the group. I know over the years there has been alot of research into hormones and MS, especially during pregnancy.

My old neuro years back said he thought that the pill was a good idea for women with MS because it regulates our hormones. He thought that was something that needed study but had seen patients that seemed to stay fairly stable. Also it does seem that menopause may worsen symptoms.

So, at 46 with high blood pressure my GP would like me to stop taking the pill. I'm wondering if anyone has done this and seen any change in their MS symptoms.

I appreciate your feedback!


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Postby Ann25 » Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:37 pm

I was wondering if the birth control pill has helped keep my MS symptoms at bay. I started having symptoms in 1999 and diagnosed in 2009. I have been on the pill since 1996. I am 48 and was planning on staying on the pill thru menopause as my GYN says the pill makes it an easier transition. There is research out there about estraiol which is in my bc pill. I think estrogen levels are higher when you are pregnant and they say MS is supposed to be good when pregnant. Does your particular pill have high blood pressure as a side effect?
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