my improvements back in Jan 2011

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my improvements back in Jan 2011

Postby fee001 » Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:52 pm

Written Jan 2011

I must not forget how far I've come
I have to keep reminding myself how far I've come and the inprovements that I have received, through the acupuncture on the bladder line, and now chiropractor treatment, so I now shall list them to remind me:

*No more urgency to wee
*No more accidents at all
*Can tolerate heat now (this will be third year)
*Dont fall out of bed when shifting position.
*Dont fall automatically forward, when picking up something off of the floor, landing on my face
*Takes 5mins to put on my shoes, not 1/2 hour
*can sit in a chair to put makeup on
*Pain decreased by 80%
*Now intermitantly in lower back area
*Neck pain practically gone
*upper body strength returning
*Accute anxiety gone
*Stopped anti-depressants
*Spasm gone
*tremor gone
*no longer take baclofen

I cant stand due to tightness in calf muscle, and hip still a bit twisted, but hey! I'll get there, there are other little things but I cant remember at the mo.
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