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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Postby REDHAIRANDTEMPER » Tue Nov 22, 2005 12:40 pm

hey there everyone..havent been on here for a couple of days this last week due to getting the flu which put me in bed..i mean were i couldn't get up at all without help...now thats something i havent experienced ever...my body was just to weak to want to move on its own...but at the time i really didnt care to much...was to sick to care...i have been blessed that most of the people i have talked to about this are very helpful and supportive...i went camping with my boys a couple of weeks ago..yes i know its november but it was for their scouting group and we stayed in cabins...however the teran was horrible for me to walk so i used a cane for the first time...my youngest son bless his little heart was walking with me that nite going to one of the fuctions they were having and i couldnt walk very fast and was having a hard time holding onto the flashlight and walking at the same time...so he took it and said he would carry it...he shined the light right down infront of my feet about two feet so i could see where i was stepping..i cried a little cause he was so serious about this...so for this i am grateful all my boys have helped out a great deal and keep my spirites up...most of the boys and thier familys are very helpful..calling to see if i need anything...did i want them to take the kids so i could rest...i knew that everyone was friendly but it amazes me how great they are...i have only run into 1 maybe 2 people who have been rude about..but their are from my exs family and dont like me anyways so i guess i wont worry about it to much...my new boyfriend has been the best with this...always there to help me and make sure i have everything i need to get around...so my aditude is improving some...i know i will have days where i will get mad and frustrated..i have them now cause i am still waiting for them to clarify what this is...the dr keeps saying it looks like ms but wont go all the way to that dx right now....by march i hope he will clarify it...i have my mris then...sad to say but at this time i am hoping that something shows up on them so i can move onto the next stage..strange to say that or type it...but its the way i feel..this site has helped me so much i want to thanks u all for the support u have given me in the notes and letters u have written...in all of them i have gotten alot of stuff..thanks u so much....

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