remembering everyday stuff

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remembering everyday stuff

Postby fee001 » Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:15 pm


I believe that because we are constantly reading, collating, digesting, understanding a barrage of ms info, and plus masses of irrelevant stuff, then the constant research theories that eventually amount to nothing and take years to complete.

There is so much info about trials etc a newly diagnosed person must find it very overwhelming indeed, its not fair

It is no wonder that we have problems retaining everyday info, there just isnt anyt room left for it to be retained.

We fill our brain to capacity.

We become out own professionals because we have a need to make sense and understand what we can, we are given intracate information from neurolologists because we ask it. We have even been taught how to read our own MRIs to a professional degree

So my advice would be, ease off the amount of irrelevant stuff give yourself a break.

Get yourself perhaps an audio book, and just switch off the ms button, just for 5 mins. if it pops back in your head, push it out and listen to the story and the story alone.

Meditation at first is hard, as you need to clear your mind. Its not easy you are constantly thinking of stuff, what to do for tea, the kids will be back soon etc etc. Switching off is not easy but it sometimes it just needs to be done, ust let it go dont be so hard on yourself.

Let me know if it helps, feedback of any kind is good, pros or cons yeah


I do my own research, and find my own answers Its good to talk
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