Rapid temperature increases.

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Rapid temperature increases.

Postby ArizonaGirl » Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:48 pm

Like many of you my temperature is generally quite a bit lower than normal. It typically ranges from 96.5 to 97.1. Over the last couple months (during relapses) I have been having my temperature rise from around 96.5 to 99.5 (or so) in half an hour or less. I will be sitting in an air conditioned house with a fan on me and all the sudden I start sweating profusely and experience a 3 degree temperature rise. Once it gets to 99-99.5 it levels out and I start to feel cool and comfortable again. It gradually sinks down and then the cycle starts again. Any one else experience this or know what causes this? I drink plenty of water, stay out of the heat as much as possible and don't overexert myself. There seems to be no correlation with exercise or environmental temperature.
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