Gene find could lead to therapy for neuropathic pain in MS

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Gene find could lead to therapy for neuropathic pain in MS

Postby MSUK » Fri Sep 09, 2011 1:29 am


A gene responsible for chronic pain has been identified, with scientists saying this could lead to drugs for treating long-lasting back pain.

Writing in the journal Science, University of Cambridge researchers removed the HCN2 gene from pain-sensitive nerves in mice. Deleting the gene stopped any chronic pain but did not affect acute pain.

About one in seven people in the UK suffer from chronic pain, which can also include multiple sclerosis, arthritis and headaches.

The researchers say their findings open up the possibility that new drugs could be developed to block the protein produced by the HCN2 gene, which regulates chronic pain.

The HCN2 gene, which is expressed in pain-sensitive nerve endings, has been known for several years, but its role in regulating pain was not understood.... Read More - ... ageid/1896
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