Cognitive issues

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Cognitive issues

Postby flora68 » Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:16 am

(FYI, I used a larger font in this post not to show off but because my vision sucks and I know some of you have visual issues too. I was diagnosed with macular degeneration many years before I got MS, but maybe this IS the MS.... who knows?)

I was diagnosed with MS 8 years ago. The main symptom that motivated me to seek medical attention, and to request a head scan, was my memory; it was deteriorating to the extent that I knew something was really really wrong.

I'd been working in a medical office doing most of the paper work- medical coding, managing medical records, etc. etc . All of a sudden I couldn't remember a common diagnosis code that I'd used many times every working day for years; hypercholesterolemia, 272.0. I was pretty sure about the digits involved but couldn't remember their order and actually had to look it up; this was like having to refer to my ID to see how to spell my own name. This was just weird. I could I not remember that code?

The other symptoms I had (including some very mild numbness on the left side of my face) had started very suddenly, after having taken 50 mg of Vioxx, which triggered a hypertensive crisis. I thought I'd had a very mild stroke but at the time had no insurance so couldn't get a scan; I just took aspirin (and obviously discontinued the Vioxx!) and hoped for the best. Many months later I finally got health insurance but wasn't thinking about the numbness anymore because it was so mild and seemingly inconsequential...I assigned memory issues to sleep deprivation and aging, although I was only 52.

But when my memory started unraveling further, I was worried. My favorite aunt had just died of Alzheimer's after many years of heartbreaking decline, and now I was having undeniable cognitive issues myself...

So when I drew a blank when searching for that diagnosis code, I announced to my boss (who was also my family doc), "OK, I want a head scan and I want it now!"

Amazingly I was actually able to get one done that very evening because someone else had cancelled....The abnormal results of that MRI led to an appt with a neurologist, eventually an LP, and a definite diagnosis of MS. I was stunned. I'd almost canceled the LP because there was no way I could have MS....ha!

By the time I was diagnosed, like anyone freshly diagnosed with MS, I had a lot to think about. Looking back on all the truly abnormal things to which I'd automatically adapted without ever recognizing that anything was wrong, I realized that I have a tendency to adapt to difficulties without recognizing that I'm doing so. If all this had happened to me when I was in my 20's or 30's, I'm sure I'd have suspected something sooner, and I guess it would have scared me more than it did too....

My "cognitive issues" have continued to the point that I have to manage my life with that deficit in mind, or at least I try to. I make these wonderful lists and reminders, complete with illustrations and everything, but I have a hard time remembering to refer to them :roll: ....

Anyway, I have a silly little blog about MS (specifically about taking LDN for MS), and I recently I added a post about cognitive problems, how they affect my life, and my attempts to manage them. It's nothing brilliant but maybe it'll help someone, if only to demonstrate that many of us share these difficulties. If you're interested, here's the link... http://ldnformultiplesclerosis.blogspot ... ot_05.html
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Re: Cognitive issues

Postby LR1234 » Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:52 am

I have cognitive issues and vision issues too :( they have really been causing me major probs in the last year and they were never that bad before and I am only 33. My memory is affected but its more the inability to cope with sudden problems and change, having to adapt and having to plan and organise. I they going to give you any treatments? I got offered aricept but declined. I will read your blog, I wish you all the best x
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Re: Cognitive issues

Postby lyndacarol » Tue Sep 13, 2011 5:58 pm

I remind you that I am the "insulin girl" and believe that excess insulin (hyperinsulinemia) is at the root of the MS cascade. You will not be surprised that I believe insulin is involved in many conditions, including Alzheimer's and mild cognitive impairment. Dr. Dennis J Selkoe of Harvard University suspects that insulin and Insulin Degrading Enzyme (which also degrades amyloid beta, but is preferentially drawn to insulin) are at the foundation of Alzheimer's.

I believe switching the body over to burning ketones, rather than glucose, for energy in the cells results in less insulin and consequently these conditions should improve. This would explain why this product, Axona (converting to ketones), would show an improvement in Alzheimer's patients: ... milkshake/

And here is more on Axona from the Wall Street Journal: ... 06022.html

Perhaps Axona would help any of us with mild cognitive impairment – no matter the diagnosed cause. Aricept is not the answer; maybe your doctors could let you try a sample of Axona
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Re: Cognitive issues

Postby Kiki » Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:37 am

OMG add me to your list I also have visual problems, seizures and now I am on seroquel, for schizophrenia and bipolar, nice, and trust me I feel completely insane. I am losing my vision, IQ is now around 3, I was once educated, I have a ton of degrees, and one of them is nursing, I have vague memories of this. I have a computer science degree, went back to school and worked at a computer lab writing programs for at least 7 years when I went back to school for a business degree and than after that I went on to get a degree in social work my MSW. I can't work anymore, hell I can't drive for two years, I have to be seizure free, this last year I have not gone without a seizure for three weeks, so I don't see any driving in the near future. My last seizure or seizures were grand mal, and my tongue looks like hamburger, I don't want to ride that train for a while. This disease has taken everything from me, with the seizure meds, I walk like I have had a ton of liquor in me, and yep you got it I don't drink. My first time dx was almost twenty years ago and I didn't have any symptoms like this, it started with just numbness on my left sign, it didn't take long one MRI and I knew I was in trouble. They did a LP, and all the other wonderful tests, started me the day my doc told me on SSRI's and interferon. I moved away my ex was in the military and so we moved around alot. My next neuro, once again one picture told the whole story, to make a long story short I have seen 5 neuros and not one of them ever said, I can't see any problems, so it must be a pretty site. lol Just know you are not alone, I am too suffering right with you, so vent as much as you can cause I know I feel better knowing there are others out there that understand. I always had perfect site, not now, I have to wear glasses, and just had my vision checked within this year and already I can't see even with these glasses, so now back to the doc and see how much I have left of my site.
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