paresthesia/dull pain in hand/arm/foot+low lymphotcytes: MS?

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paresthesia/dull pain in hand/arm/foot+low lymphotcytes: MS?

Postby lea25 » Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:15 am

Hello all,

I just wondered if any one could give me some advice on this. i would be really grateful for a few words and will decide whether or not to go to the doc about this as a result.

Recently I noticed occasional tingling, prickling in my right foot and my right hand and every so often I felt a numbness in my upper lip. I didnt think too much of it. But now since several days I have had an almost permanent prickling, tinging almost numb feeling mostly in my right hand but sometimes also my right foot. Now its really beginning to get very uncomfortable. it feels all the time as if I have fallen asleep on my arm and just woken up and have pins and needles. But it also feels kind of cold, like Id been holding ice. Now I started getting a dull pain in my right forarm and a similar pain in my right shin. The pain in my arm spread today to my right shoulder. its a sort of dull ache.

Also i have regular blood tests due to anemia. In the last year I noticed that my lymphocytes always seem to be getting lower and on a recent test they were 14% relative (norm 25-40%), 1260 (norm 1500-4000) absolute. Im not sure if this is relevant but thought it might be.

If any body can advise me Id be grateful as I dont want to run to the doc if none of this really fits. Its just my arm now feels so uncomfortable from the dull pain which has now spread to my shoulder and from this awful prickling feeling that Im concerned.

I thank you for your time and am sorry to bother anyone if my symptoms are not relevant!

With best wishes to all

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