ATTN: Progressive MS patients

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ATTN: Progressive MS patients

Postby DeuxExMachina » Tue Oct 18, 2011 2:16 am

Hi everyone,

I've noticed Dr Giovannoni, who kees a very informative and frequently updated MS research blog, is very disappointed at the number of respondents to his survey of whether progressive MS patients would be prepared to undergo a lumbar puncture to vastly shorten the length of PPMS and SPMS drug trials (currently lasting many years due to the extremely gradual rate of progression in many cases, which makes measurement end points hard to monitor in short time frames). This survey is being used to support his push for lumbar punctures to be used as an accurate and objective means of monitoring PPMS and SPMS progression (by measuring axon degeneration), which will alow up to 10 times more trials to be conducted simultaneously with the same resources.

Please complete this survey if you have PPMS or SPMS, or if you have RRMS and recognise the dire need for more clinical trials.

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