What about our kids?

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What about our kids?

Postby Leonard » Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:31 am

what's about our kids?
it is known that there is a genetic factor in MS.
two of my kids who are in their early 20s will join me when I go for a next echo-Doppler check-up in December.

the doctor that I will see is absolutely top, he has seen and treated many hundreds of patients, no question about that..
now, what if it shows that they have stenoses in their neck?
they have not had any symptoms of MS, I had mine before 20 years of age, so I guess they will be all right but you never know...

if they have stenoses, should they get them opened by dilatation as the BBB has not yet been breached?
would this make a difference in the risk of the BBB getting compromised and/or developing MS in the future?
should all kids of parents with MS get checked?
should this become a standard test?
well, I think the answer to all these question is positive.

actually, it is amazing so see that this dimension has not yet been touched upon on the discussions.
however, I think it is important because -what CCSVI liberation can do for us is 1 thing- it is potentially as important or even more important for our kids because early diagnosis and treatment of CCSVI could prevent they ever develop MS.
why has this huge medical system not yet addressed this dimension?
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Re: What about our kids?

Postby Vikingquest » Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:44 am

An interesting discussion point. But surely because CCSVI has not been proven to cause ms, it would be dangerous to inflict a surgery on your kids while there is no definitive proof of its effectivness yet.

The CCSVI bandwagon pulls up, it's packed full of people. Yet the driver still opens the doors and gestures to me. I respectfully decline... I'll wait for the next bandwagon to come along: Stem Cells baby!!

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