I really need help, am I having symptoms of MS?

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I really need help, am I having symptoms of MS?

Postby lovelyT » Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:10 am

Hello, my name is Tiffany. I'm new on here. I have spent so long trying to find out whats wrong with me, doctors don't know, they just keep sending me for the same blood work over and over. I have kind of given up on doctors. My symptoms were so random I was starting to think I was going crazy.
I just woke up out of the blue feeling like this. I'm dizzy all the time, sometimes I feel as if I'm on an elevator all day. I'm always tired, I can't even get out of bed some days even after a good nights rest. Brain fog so bad I can't fuction, even finding words is hard. I have balance issue, I walk into walls, fall alot, i'll even lose my balace standing in one spot.I can't control my body temperature at all. I started getting a tickle down my right calf, this went on for a while followed by a hot sensation in the same spot. I started getting a twitch in my arms legs and neck. I have troubles focusing my eyes. I get bad headaches, I never used to get headaches. I'm sure there are other symptoms but those are the worst ones. Sometimes my symptoms are a little easier to manage but then i'll have a bad week where I can't do anything. I lost my job. Thinking of quitting my new job cause I just can't function. Does this sound like MS? Any advice on how to get my doctor to take me seriously? Should I just come out and ask if I could be tested for MS?
Sorry this is so long, if you are still reading this and can give me any advice at all i'd love you hear it.
Thank you for reading this :)
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Re: I really need help, am I having symptoms of MS?

Postby MegansMom » Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:45 am

I would find an Interventional Radiologist that treats CCSVI and get tested for that first. Go to www.ccsvi.org and read up on it.
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Re: I really need help, am I having symptoms of MS?

Postby scorpions » Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:02 pm

Have you been to your primary care doctor yet? If not I would make an appointment and yes I think you should tell him your fear of it being MS although it could be MANY other things besides MS. There are many opinionated people one here as to the causes of diseases(including MS) and their ideas range from blockages in veins to chiropractic issues but I would definitely suggest only taking advice from a licensed medical practitioner. Honestly it could be something as simple as a B12 deficiency which may only require a few shots but until you pursue an answer what is going on with your body is anyone's guess! Good luck and let us know how you make out! Scorp
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Re: I really need help, am I having symptoms of MS?

Postby selkie » Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:55 pm

If you suspect MS you should be sent for an evaluation by a neurologist. They need to do an MRI and possibly a lumbar puncture. But dizziness is a hard symptom to pinpoint. You should also see an ENT (ear nose & throat) specialist so they can rule out an inner ear disturbance. Especially when dizziness is the primary symptom, an inner ear disturbance may be the first problem to rule in or out. An MRI should be done in any case as that may also show any inner ear involvement or if migraines may be at the root of your symptoms. Insist on being evaluated by a specialist. If a neurologist or ENT can't find the problem, you may have to 'make the rounds' with doctors who specialize in other disorders of the immune system. Dizziness alone is not a diagnosis though it was my first symptom too. It took me four years and many tests to be diagnosed. I also had an inner ear disorder so I strongly suggest seeing both a neurologist & ENT. You may be experiencing an illness that can be healed or controlled with treatment. Don't give up until you get answers - and hopefully this is something curable. Until you have an MRI, I wouldn't jump to conclusions that you have MS. I hope you don't! best wishes, s
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Re: I really need help, am I having symptoms of MS?

Postby NHE » Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:08 am

lovelyT wrote:sometimes I feel as if I'm on an elevator all day.

I get that feeling too sometimes. It's like the floor is going up and down like when the elevator is coming to a stop. The first time I experienced it was in 1995 which was 4 years after my first symptoms but another 4 years before my diagnosis.

However, in spite of the similarities there may be in the symptoms, probably the best thing to do is to write everything down and discuss it with your doctor. By writing things down beforehand you'll be less likely to overlook something at your appointment. In addition, give them a copy for your file so they can refer to it later.

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