Are these relapses?

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Are these relapses?

Postby Mary » Wed Jan 04, 2006 8:52 am

I was diagnosed over a year ago and have been pretty lucky I think. I had a distinct problem that led to diagnosis, double vision that cleared up within about a month and some spotty numbness through my legs that went on for a few months at the same time and again (numbness) when starting LDN a year ago...but that went away pretty quickly.

Since my initial attack I haven't had any symptons that have lasted but I do occasionally have symptons that don't last more than a day or a few hours. For example, last night I had some numbness in my left shin and foot that lasted a couple of hours and last week I had some foot burn (again a few hours). I think I can pinpoint these symptons to times when I have been quite tired - ie. yesterday was my first day back to work since the holidays and I was tired because I had to get up earlier, etc. The foot burn came at the end of a full day of I have charcot-marie-tooth which affects my gait and ability to walk so that may be why my legs/feet hurt...

Are these transient symptons considered a relapse? Or is this just part of the "normal" process of living with this...

Any input would be much appreciated.

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Postby Mary » Wed Jan 04, 2006 8:55 am

Oh yeah, I also get little "blips/twitches", like my nerves are jumping or something. Not all the time and not necessarily realted to fatigue in any way. I'll just feel a little tweak, tweak, tweak on my leg or arm or neck...they're not consistent or constant, and sometimes changing my position can stop them.
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Postby remnants » Wed Jan 04, 2006 11:38 am

Hi Aylish,

Did you ask your neurologist about these symptoms? I asked my neurologist about symptoms that would last as long as several days to a week and he said these were not exacerbations or relapses. :roll: I even asked if he was sure - maybe they were less severe relapses - again he told me these are not relapses. However, he didn't offer any further explanation. I will say this, when I had definite relaspses, they were obvious/severe - leaving no doubt.

Prior to my diagnosis, my left arm would go numb for a few hours here and there, often in mid-afternoon. I remember shaking my arm, attempting to get the feeling back (never worked), but the numbness always subsided. This numbness would happen 3 days/week, then 5 days/week, then nothing for several months. Another symptom I overlooked was my right itching insanely - to the point that I absolutely had to take off my shoe to scratch. Again, this was brief and always went away.

Today, looking back on these events with some knowledge of M.S. I am convinced that these were milder exacerbations. I have a cousin who's only symptom prior/leading to his diagnosis was numbness if one foot. Another relative had a few dizzy/light headed spells (only symptom) prior to diagnosis.

I think the differnce here is that I too attributed a reason for these symptoms (arm numbness - Imust be sleeping on my arm; foot itching - must be too hot); whereas they sought medical attention/advice for an answer.

Trust your instincts and talk with neuro or quaified medical professional you trust.

Take Care & Have a Prosperous New Year!

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Postby LisaBee » Wed Jan 04, 2006 3:46 pm


I'm curious about the definition of a relapse too. When my neuro told me to call in if I had symptoms, I asked for clarification on that, because I have little symptoms daily. They gave me a definition of severe symptoms, or symptoms lasting nore than 24 hours.

I too get the twitches and jumps, which can can occur anywhere,and they move around. I did call in about those. The neuro was not concerned and said the twitches were not an indication my MS was getting worse. I do worry about them, because they are frequent.

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