Dr. Corboy...aka especially Kristi Swim and Melissa Butler

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Dr. Corboy...aka especially Kristi Swim and Melissa Butler

Postby chrishasms » Fri Feb 03, 2012 9:45 am

Folks, first and foremost, let me start off by apologizing to the people in the title of this post.

I flipped out. I let go of some frustration in a very unhealthy and unproductive way.

I had an issue with getting a RX refilled. This in turn turned into my frustration for the disease, and the fact EVERYTHING is so hard sometimes, into a fairly mean spirited post and I guess they were unlucky enough, especially Kristi, to get in the way.

I was not surprised to see my post typed out in my doctors office this morning and my having to explain where I was coming from. I am happy to say he understood but alas he did have a very important question for me, "Had I lost confidence in them?"

This is not even close to the case. This man has been working with MS and clinical trials for thirty years. He was at Johns Hopkins once. He can smell whats wrong with your MS. He knows MS. He knows what the future is for MS.

Alas, in a big clinical situation as in the Colorado MS Center / Anchutz, I am not bigger than the whole clinical world of MS in Colorado. What one doctor feels comfortable prescribing, another may not.

At my GP's office, there are 2, maybe three PA's, and 2 doctors. If I need an RX, everyone will back each other up, and if not, they will make sure the doctor gets the RX request taken care of. It's a small office and it's not a big deal to do that.

There is a huge difference though between my GP and Anschutz. Anschutz had 15 people in the waiting room, at 10 am, non stop all day long every day. My GP has 3 people in the waiting room, sometimes none. There is no way a big place like Anschutz could have all the doctors comfortable prescribing the same drugs. Especially Amphetamines and Benzodiazepine's. Impossible. So a note to all, deal with RX's with the prescribing Physician only, especially if you go to a big center like I do. I don't think it is a bad idea to do so unless told otherwise with any doctor.

I am sorry Kristi, Melissa, and Dr. Corboy for being an ass. I hope you guys will accept my apology. I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Dr. Corboy and I had a great appointment besides this. He didn't punk me or even talk down to me. He showed the professionalism I didn't.

(By the way, little progression in the last year so we will be staying on the roids for another 6 months.)
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Re: Dr. Corboy...aka especially Kristi Swim and Melissa Butl

Postby ikulo » Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:07 pm

Hey Chris! I had the same experience. I came into see one of the MS specialists at the Rocky Mountain MS Center (won't mention name) and he was making a very hard sell on Tysabri. I was curious, considering I only had a few lesions and my MRI was stable for about a year. I figured that since they do the tranfusions at the center they probably want to bust up their revenue a bit -- not to mention this doc was involved in developing the drug, so there's probably a pride issue too. Nevertheless, I've stayed clear of that place since. That was my own personal experience and could have been an isolated incident. They definitely have the best resources and the most knowledgeable docs, I just don't like their treatment approach.

By the way - sounds like you've found a good GP? I've been looking for one in the area, whether general or neuro, who are thoughtful and competent but havent had any luck. If you dont mind, id love to know if youve found a good one. msg me.
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Re: Dr. Corboy...aka especially Kristi Swim and Melissa Butl

Postby civickiller » Fri Feb 03, 2012 5:30 pm

im confused by your post Chris, this what i got from it.

the Dr was pushing tysabri and gilenya so you started taking them. but 2 months later they stopped the prescription.
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Re: Dr. Corboy...aka especially Kristi Swim and Melissa Butl

Postby chrishasms » Sat Feb 04, 2012 2:14 am

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