Quick Exacerbation Question

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Quick Exacerbation Question

Postby Ry421 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:12 am

Hi there. I was recently diagnosed with Clinically Isolated Syndrome due to leg numbness and a lesion in my cervical spinal cord. My Neuro states that due to my symptons and the Lesion, this will most likely become MS. It started with leg numbness, turned to weakness, and is now just back to numbness. Long story short: Now I have numbness in my foot. It's the most undescribable feeling...like I'm constantly walking with rocks in my shoe. My question: Is this a NEW exacerbation?? Keeping in mind that I haven't had a break from the leg numbness at all, and the foot numbness has simply been added to it. The other question: Is it normal to have an exacerbation last 10 weeks? This numbness started on 2/14/12. The oral steroids have helped with the weakness, but the leg numbness (and now foot numbness) has been very constant. Any experiences or advice will be helpful. In the meantime, I'm staying very very positive and constantly reminding myself that the opposite of FEAR is FAITH.
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Re: Quick Exacerbation Question

Postby MarkLavelle » Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:01 am

I would guess not.

I've had only one known exacerbation, but my c-spine lesion is apparently the gift that keeps on giving. :roll: My 1st c-spine MRI wasn't until 15 months after the first sx, so I guess the lesion could have been 'growing' all that time, but to me it's just one long attack...

My sx started as paresthesia in my feet (I know exactly what you mean about rocks in the shoe), and spread to 80% of my skin over a period of 3 months, with the occasional muscle spasms thrown in for good measure. That's when my physiatrist (who was helping me with some simultaneous 'mechanical' back problems) sent me to a neuro. That was almost two years ago (dx was 1 yr ago), and since then I've also had increasing fatigue-like issues with my arms & shoulders. Some patches of skin will sometimes feel normal, and all the sx vary in intensity a fair amount.

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