3gr Solumedrol Protocol

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3gr Solumedrol Protocol

Postby chrishasms » Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:18 pm

1 year and doing great.

I wish I could try the ppms protocol exactly as they have tried it, but, my doc won't do it. I'm more than willing to do this though until he wants to do an investigational study if ever. This will do and aside from HiCy, I have seen nothing better.

This is what steroids has done for me / or to me in the last year...

I've lost 15lbs where most people gain weight. During my infusion I gain 7 lbs of water weight but I lose it all within one week of the infusion. Feeling good makes exercise and losing weight much easier.

I do get a few zits for the first week after them but now that I have started to use Nutragena deep cleaning wash and a loofah the problem has resolved.

They wake me up for 4 weeks after the infusion. I have the same rx for amphetamines from December and rarely need them for fatigue. They also make it tough to sleep for the 3 days of the infusion. Melatonin or lorazapam helps.

I feel good enough I take 1/3 the rx'd dose of lorazapam for anxiety and twitching. I use it mostly for sleep for racing mind. I have also completely stopped the Mirtazapine I took for sleep /anxiety /depression. It's good to feel feelings again. So no more bullshit about me being a drug addict.

I have been able to decrease my use of Gabapentin by 1/3.

I got a fingernail fungus and had to take Lamisil. My Liver didn't care.

My easy bruising has stopped.

My bloodtest numbers have improved and my liver numbers rock.

Some days, usually the first month after the infusion, I don't need my glasses.

My psoriasis kick in right after the infusion but are easily controlled.

In the original study people improved. I am not improving like HiCy, but, my nurse, father and wife all agree I have not progressed. I would agree.

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