Mystery illness with autonomic seizures, could it be MS?

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Mystery illness with autonomic seizures, could it be MS?

Postby Yonca » Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:53 am

I am female and 41. Since 2009 I have been having attacks of severe fatigue, nausea, severe heat intolerance and palpitations. After hearing that ' It's all in my head for two years' , One doctor decided to take an brain MRI and EEG and I was told I had cortical dysplasia and autonomic epilepsy. I have been on epilepsy drugs but my situation is not improving. I still have the seizures, can't function and feel terrible when it's over 25 C, I live in a hot country so this is a major problem for me, I have muscle spasms in my back, terrible back and hip pain and feel extremely tired every day. I can only go out for a few hours every day then have to rest. My orthopedist thinks I have chronic fatigue syndrome. The tiredness and heat intolerance I am going through is extreme and it's getting worse every year. I also get dizzy and nauseous when tired and find it difficult to speak when tired. I also get a tightening feeling on my left shoulder and weakness on the left side only when I am tired or exposed to heat etc. I haven't been feeling ok for three years and the epilepsy medicines are not working. I am sick of being told by people, you are ok, you look great etc when my life is hell and even showering, putting make up on and getting dressed finish me off every morning. I am going to a hospital for some investigations next week for a new EEG etc but after reading about severe heat intolerance I am wondering could my situation be connected with MS, has anyone else experienced epilepsy or autonomic seizures. please write to me if you have any suggestions, I am sick of going to doctors without any solution. Thanks
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Re: Mystery illness with autonomic seizures, could it be MS?

Postby bartman » Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:44 pm

If I were you I would read up on Bartonella and Lyme disease...both known to cause seizures and both mimic MS. Both are nearly impossible to test positive for due to unreliable testing. The only way to know for sure is to treat with antibiotics until you are better. Read Dr. Burrascanos Guidelines 2008 (google this) and read up on Bartonella Like Organism (BLO). I promise you this is it and mainstream medical is afraid to diagnose either of these diseases for fear of losing their medical licenses. You need to find an LLMD. My cousin 13 years misdiagnosed with MS now greatly improved after 3 years of treating bartonella, lyme and babesia and still improving!!

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