Australian MS researchers

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Australian MS researchers

Postby dignan » Mon Jan 30, 2006 4:06 pm

The Howard Florey Institute in Australia seems to be doing some interesting stuff on MS.
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Postby mrhodes40 » Mon Jan 30, 2006 8:19 pm

Goodness what a paper! Wow Read it It is hopeful!

Plasticity of the brain is really a huge issue. Notice that in trauma nearby genes are upregulated. This is interesting.

Also I liked the section on environmental stim reducing huntington's onset.
Thisis a purely genetic disease or wo thought, but it's onset is affected by stimulation. Well, there we go get out there and move! Think as much as possible! Good one for me who tends to feel tired and a lot like it's pretty hard to do stuff....well, becasue it is darn it! I do nto move around that welll.

Deb's interesting work and connections to the psychhiatric meds is alluded to though in this case fluoxetine prozac as a generator of neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus. Apparently in preliminary work it will assist the person with Huntingtons and potentially others in generating neurons in that area. NOw then! that's good news eh? If offered prozac I will take it....

And Lo! Speak of the interesting stuff that might come up. In other research projects on glutamate....notice what caused the EAAt2 to upregulate...............LPS!!! lipopolysaccharide, the fragment of protein left over from a gram negative bacteria like chlamydia pneumoniae when it dies. So my speculation on glutamate thread that because glutamate upregulates in HIV it may also in CPn was most likely exactly right.

The regenerative material and stuff inthe MS section related to stem cell migration and oligedendrocyte precurser cells was very promising too.
we can all be hopeful! I love stuff like this because abx or not I will probably need some regenerative strategies
thanks for posting this Dignan
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