Cholesterol Sulphate deficiency

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Cholesterol Sulphate deficiency

Postby CaveMan » Sat May 26, 2012 4:37 pm

I recently stumbled across a Dr Mercola interview with Dr Stephanie Seneff,
She has come up with some interesting discussions on Chronic diseases, she has a big focus on Autism & Heartdisease in particular because of familial relationships, but crosses over to other degenerative diseases as well in her papers.
She has a theory that lack of sunlight exposure & dietary fat restriction (high carb intake) leads to a Cholesterol Sulphate deficiency, which then sets the groundwork in place for inflamation in the body and the onset of Chronic diseases.
She outlines the cellular oxygen transfer system in the body, using Sulphur being the primary player day to day, Nitrogen being first back up and Carbon being the last straw, once we are in the carbonate stage, the body becomes highly acidic and organ failure is imminent.
Once you take on board that Saturated fat is not bad & has no relationship to heart disease along with the myth of Bad cholesterol, high LDL is just an indicator that there are repairs that need to be done, then add to that the notion that sunlight exposure does not cause skin cancer, sunscreen use has increased steadily over the last 40 years and so has the rate of skin cancer. One would have to question whether these misguided notions are primary contributers to the epidemic rises quoted in chronic diseases, the disease rates increase, official organisations push the message even harder, people take more notice and follow the guidelines even more and the result is the disease rates increase again.
I am still working my way through the essays and papers on her site, but if you are interested in having a look at the powerpoint presentation "The silver lining in Chronic Disease", #2 about half way down the page, this gives some general idea of where she is coming from. Her site below:

ome of her hypothesis are a little speculative, but the but the core
I am just an interested individual trying to crack the autoimmune nut.
Partner has Graves Disease, 5 years, showing good test results, looking forward to potential remission in the near future.
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