bee venom therapy

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bee venom therapy

Postby Beekeeper » Wed Feb 08, 2006 5:35 pm

For about two years, a ms-patient asked me to give her beestings.
I was surpriced, but knew (as a beekeeper) that beevenom was succesfull used for reumatic-artritis, a.s.o.

So, after a small study because of the risks, I started stinging her, with a MD as companion.
In the meantime I also started a homepage for beekeepers and ms-patients (in Dutch, among others things like diaries).

And........ I found rather interesting news about apitherapy (beesting therapy). Not only news and stories from patients but also clinical trials and website's from clinics/hospitals all over the world.
And a lot of scientific research about bee venom (more than 4.000).

Those clinical trials I translated into Dutch and can be found on my homepage ( I also tranlated the website of a Russian Clinic but because this website is in English you can find it on the website itself:


My question:

Why can't I find some news or discussions about beevenom on this website (forum)? I'm looking for more scientific research or evidence and I was hoping to find it here.

Greatings from The Netherlands,
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