New Lesions? How often?

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New Lesions? How often?

Postby Butter » Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:35 am

Hi...I got my tentative diagnosis (clinically isolated syndrome/ms) in 05/2011.

* The liquor analysis was positive (oligoclonal bands, but of no intrathecal IgG synthesis)
* 2 small (3mm and 9mm) lesions in the MRI + inflammed optic nerve.

(additionally I'm young, female, the optic neuritis was severe but resolved for 99%....all the good prognostic factors...)

I didn't start a CRAB treatment (but took antibiotics for a while to exclude lyme)
Since may 2011 I got 3 more MRIs (July '11, November '11, June '12), without any disease progression (and I feel great and healthy)

There are so many people telling me, that the first five years are largely predictive of the progression...and that usually more attacks happen during the first years.

How common is it, that there's no disease progression during the first year after diagnosis?
I can only remember that my neurologist was really, really surprised when the MRI (11/2011) was "clean". (Haven't informed her about the new results yet).

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Re: New Lesions? How often?

Postby MarkLavelle » Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:36 pm

I don't know how common it is, but I do know that some neuro's feel confident telling patients that they have a mild case, and that they don't expect it to progress quickly. I'd be surprised if anyone ever produced any data about their predictions, though! :roll:

My neuro has called my MS one of the mildest cases he's seen, apparently based on my sx (>90% paresthesia) and handful of lesions (no Optic Neuritis). I just saw him in May and he wasn't at all surprised that my SX haven't changed (except for intensity) in about two years.

I'm 56, but I doubt age makes much of a difference...

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