Pins and Needles and Numbness

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Pins and Needles and Numbness

Postby LauraB » Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:00 am


My name is Laura and I have had Remitting-Relapsing MS for about 8 years, and have been on Avonex for most of that time..

I have only ever had 2 symptoms from the MS (thus far):

1. Heaviness in my right side (face, arm, leg) -> this is how I was diagnosed years ago. The Neurologists said it could of been triggered by the Hepatitis B Vaccine I had 2 days prior to the "attack". Sometimes when I'm stressed/sick/overly-tired I will experience this heaviness again faintly, but it passes quite soon after I have rested.

2. Then 6 months after my first "attack", I experienced coldness and tingling in my left side of the neck and back for a while..This is when I was put on Avonex. Since then I have had a few repeats of the old symptoms, but again, these always pass fairly quickly after I rest.

I woke up this Saturday (it is now Tuesday) at around 3-4 AM with a shooting pain in my lower back.. I'm not sure if this was brought on by the hot yoga I had done earlier on in the week (but I do this a lot and haven't experienced any problems), or from play wrestling with my boyfriend at some point..Either way, I got up and walked around and (although it was still hurting a bit) I went back to sleep as I was so tired.

The next say (Sunday), I woke up and had bad pins and needles in my feet..I assumed this would pass so I tried to ignore it.

The day after that, Monday, the pins and needles had travelled to my calves; and my buttocks and thighs were numb (as if they had "fallen asleep").

I went to see my old Chiropractor and he did X-rays and adjusted me this morning (Tuesday).. he said my back looked good and strong, but the spinal disks in my lower back are close together and could possibly have been rubbing and caused this..He is adjusting me again tomorrow morning.....I also have a doctor's appointment this afternoon with my Family Doctor..

My question is do you think I should go see my Neurologist? She's quite hard to get an appointment with as she's very busy, and I hate to bother her as I really don't know if this is from the MS (I've never had symptoms in both sides of my body at the same time?!)..If it is, I'm not sure what help she would be able to provide me to help?

Have any of you had symptoms like these (in both sides of the body, constant pins and needles and numbness from the hips down for 2-3 days +)??

Please let me know if you have any advice.. I'm scared and it's effecting my life as driving, walking etc. all feels so's all I can think about.

Thank you so much for any input..

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Re: Pins and Needles and Numbness

Postby Scott1 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:09 pm

Hi Laura,

The X-Ray done by your chiropractor won't help. You need an MRI to see if new lesions have developed. Your original symptoms sound like a lesion on the pons but this doesn't. The scan should cover your head and spine. It may turn up something and it may not but the X-Ray just shows bones.
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Re: Pins and Needles and Numbness

Postby FLJhawk » Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:37 pm

Given the latest symptoms happened just after messing around with your bf, it may not be related to MS, only to exertion. It would not hurt to make an appt with your neuro now and, if things quickly clear up, you can cancel it. If it doesn't clear up within a few days, then I would suggest going on in and taking the advice given above to request a new MRI.

This is also a good point to evaluate your lifestyle. Are you on a good MS diet? Are you taking the supplements often recommended for those with MS (D3, Mg, Zn, Malic Acid, etc)? Do you get a bit of sunshine and some exercise each day? If not, let this be a warning to pay more attention to these things, as MS rarely lies dormant for too many years. You want to give yourself all the breaks you can!
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Re: Pins and Needles and Numbness

Postby Loriyas » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:35 pm

If it were me I would call the neurologist office tomorrow. I would tell them you feel like this might be a potential relapse and that you would like to be seen as soon as possible. Let the neuro decide if you are experiencing a relapse. If you are then the neuro can start you on a course of steroids. If you are not then all the better. But in my opinion you should let the neuro make that decision.
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